Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recycle your gold and silver!

With the recent high prices being paid for gold, a light bulb went off in Wade Watson's head on how to continue to encourage the recycling initiative and help people make cash during these tough economical times...

Ruff&Cut's eco-chic retail venture, Glittering Conscience, will now be buying your old and unwanted gold and in turn, providing you with store credit, a new piece of jewelry, or cold hard CASH. Bring in old jewelry that...
-is broken
-out of style
-you no longer wear
-your grandmother gave you that you never wore
-class rings you no longer care about
-ex’s jewelry gift that makes you sick
-earrings that lost their mates
-rings of love lost
-any any other gold that may bring you $$!!
The shop also takes back silver, and will pay 2-3 times MORE than what those other places offer. Most refineries and pawn shops typically pay 20-30% of the value based on weight/price of gold on any given day. You can track the going rate for precious metals here.
So, clean out your jewelry box and bring your broken bracelets and ugly earrings to 96 West Houston St New York NY 10012 or call (646) 455-0164 for more details. 

Also, on September 21st, please join Glittering Conscience, Ruff&Cut and Iceing on Top for a gold selling party! Details below...

See you there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jewels for Africa!!

Perhaps they were inspired by their Dad, or perhaps it's just in their blood, but Christina and Damon Watson along with their friend Melina Driscoll decided they wanted to help the children in Sierra Leone, Africa too. Not only did they decide they wanted to help, but they decided to take a another cue from their dear old Dad and also make their own jewelry using naturally-sourced materials such as stones, glass beads, and cotton cord.

Together the kids, now age 10-12, came up with Jewels for Africa, a completely non-profit jewelry making biz. All funds go directly to children in the St. George Orphanage, the Aberdeen Primary School, and the Muddy Lotus Primary School, all of Sierra Leone. The children there can use this money to buy school supplies, new clothes, and pay for meals, all things that are desperately needed in the impoverished communities. The trio has already raised well over $2,000 for the cause already!

The line is currently exclusively sold at Ruff&Cut's retail shop, Glittering Conscience, and a website for the jewelry is coming soon. For now, take a look at their Facebook Page and be sure to spread the word on these inspiring young entrepreneurs!

Melina and Christina

Some of their beautiful creations

Hard at work

On display in the store