Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Collections in Glittering Conscience!

We are brainstorming at Ruff&Cut and Glittering Conscience every day lately. The holidays are coming very soon and we are stocking up on the best selection of green gifts you can find in New York. Some things we are working on for R&C are a collection of crystal skull cufflinks (more info coming soon!) and more pieces in recycled silver and with ethically sourced gemstones.

At GC, we recently received a remarkable collection of certified recycled sterling silver necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets, all made with Harmony SilverTM from Hoover & Strong. The collection includes adorable Mother Nature-inspired designs with flowers and butterflies, as well as medallions inscribed with messages like, "Nurture" and "Rejuvenate".

Here is some more information on the new product:
The NES Group, a leading U.S.-based sterling silver jewelry company, has partnered with Hoover & Strong, a precious metals refiner since 1912, to produce the industry’s first-ever recycled sterling silver jewelry collection. This innovative concept brings jewelry made from recycled Harmony SilverTM to the ultimate consumer for the very first time.
 NES Green, the environmental arm of the NES Group, has made a commitment to reduce the damaging impact that mining precious metals has made on our eco-system for centuries. While creating a beautifully designed, affordable, quality product we have vowed to promote natural resource sustainability by using only recycled silver and recycled packaging and dis- play materials from start to finish.
 We at NES Green are extremely proud to do our part and bring recycled sterling silver jewelry to you first.
Stop by and take a look at these great new designs! They make perfect holiday gifts and are very affordable! The NES Group said they specifically wanted to keep consumers' budgets in mind when pricing the jewelry, and seek to avoid the typical "added costs" when buying "green products" (referenced from NES and Harmony Silver's presentation pamphlet). Prices range from $25-100.

Stay tuned for more R&C silver coming soon, featuring designs from new up-and-comer designer Andre Springer! Plus, are soon to be debuted Crystal Skulls!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Vintage at Glittering Conscience!

We've already told you about the new retail store we helped to open up in SoHo in December 2010 called Glittering Conscience- the name taken from our signature tagline, "Glittering conscience...socially responsible luxury." Perfect name for a shop carrying exclusively Earth-friendly products, don'tcha think? We sure thought so, and so did our partners Danny Bitran of Nahui Ollin, Nina Valenti of NaturevsFuture, and Kate Harrison of The Green Bride Guide. 

To further Glittering Conscience's mission of selling only sustainable, up-cycled, organic, and socially responsible products, we are pleased and proud to announce the new arrival of our vintage collection! We have mainly acquired these gorgeous pieces from a contact of ours who collects and sells styles mostly from the '60s and '70s, but we are also accepting contributions from other vintage-lovers. 

Here are just a few of the current selections to choose from:

From Ruff&Cut Founder Wade Watson:
Art is expressed through generational values. As the founder of Ruff&Cut,
our art is fine jewelry created only from certified recycled silver and gold
and using gemstones both rough and polished that follow the highest fair
trade standards along the supply chain. Last December, we decided to open a
retail store in SoHo, NYC. We named the store Glittering Conscience. We
decided to open a store that features our values.
We carry sustainable, eco-chic luxury products including clothing, handbags, gifts and accessories that compliment our Ruff&Cut jewelry.

Recently, one of our colleagues suggested that a manifestation of our values
would be for Glittering Conscience to carry vintage and reused designer
brands. The results have been nothing but spectacular.

We are offering a consignment agreement for your vintage and designer
clothes you no longer wear. Please contact Jennifer Schelhorn, Glittering
Conscience store manager and creative director –

Heed the message and bring your vintage goodies on in! We are accepting styles for all genders, ages and sizes! Call the shop at 646-455-0164 for more information!