Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Shopping Guide!

As an environmentally and socially responsible company, we don't normally support events of mass consumerism- even though we are in the retail biz. But, now that we've opened our own shop in NYC, we figured we should have a Black Friday sale on our wide collection of Earth-friendly and sustainable products, all sold at Glittering Conscience, to bring awareness to the beautiful and unique options available for those who are eco-conscious as well, but still like to exchange gifts on the holidays!

Everything will be on sale for 20% off store wide, with specials on Ruff&Cut jewelry and free Harmony Silver gift with $200 purchase, plus many more surprises you'll have to come and see to believe! Enjoy this holiday gift guide and feel free to ask questions on any item you see in the comments below!

For the Glam Girl
The Jennifer Bracelet from the Endless Color Collection by Jennifer Schelhorn for Ruff&Cut

This has been Ruff&Cut's newest must-have item this season, the ideal bracelet for the jewelry-lover who has it all. The bracelet itself is a sterling silver chain made from recycled metals with collectible linkable ethically-sourced gemstone charms. 10% of proceeds go to non-profit partners who help the mining communities in Sierra Leone, Africa.

For the Foodie
Clean Plates Manhattan

Everyone has a foodie in their life, but how many people do you know are conscious foodies? This is the guide for the person or people in your life who pay attention to what they eat and where their food comes from; the guide includes listings for the healthiest restaurants in New York, recommendations for every diet, how-to meal plans, restaurant reviews, and much more information on eating habits and where to eat.

For the Athlete
GothamGear Yoga and Fitness Gear

GothamGear creates the most comfortable, breathable, sustainable fitness wear you can find! All fabrics are eco-friendly, made mostly from recycled materials, and are created to be the most durable and quick-drying garments for whatever your exercise routine may be- from yoga to jogging to tennis to just walking Fido. All clothing is made right here in the good ol' U S of A.

For the Cool Guy
The VIN Jacket by Platinum Dirt

This is probably the coolest jacket you will ever lay eyes on; not only is it stylish and warm, but it's made almost entirely of reclaimed vintage Cadillac upholstery! All of Platinum Dirt's gear- from jackets to handbags to wallets -are made from recycled vintage auto parts, making each item completely sustainable as well as completely unique.

For the Trendsetter
Arm Candy by Nahui Ollin ER3 MTA Bag

We are SO in love with Nahui Ollin's products, and one of their newest collections is 100% New York-inspired! The MTA Collection features handbags made from recycled woven pieces of New York City Subway maps and leather. The bright red straps give it a flashy look for the trendy chick in your life, making this a must-have item for any inner city girl who loves the environment and where she lives.

For the Artsy Revolutionary
The NaturevsFuture Swerve Coat

This gorgeous winter coat if made from recycled and sustainably sourced wool, nylon and cashmere and is super warm and cozy. With a dashingly unique and edgy look, this is the ideal gift for the socially-conscious lady in your life who enjoys perusing art museums and eating at trendy vegan restaurants. 

For the Outdoorsy Type
The Xooter Scooter

This is the best gift to give your friend or family member who prefers to take their bike rather than their car or any other gas-guzzling mode of transportation. The Xooter Scooter is awesome for kids and adults, and conveniently folds up to about half its size for easy transport. Not only simple to use, but fun! The perfect gift for people of all ages who enjoy moving!

These are just a few options we have available at Glittering Conscience, so stop by 96 West Houston St NY anytime November 25-27 for the holiday sale this week and get your holiday shopping done early without any of the guilt you normally get on Black Fridays! This year, give the gift of sustainability that gives back and gives you a glittering conscience!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Charming!

At Ruff&Cut, we are always pushing the envelope when it comes to creating new pieces, often with materials that are rarely used, like our trademark rough diamonds. Endless Color designer, Jennifer Schelhorn, has really done it this time though! She has created R&C's first charm bracelet and given it the honor of naming it after herself (how appropriate!).

The Jennifer Charm Bracelet is a 7" sterling silver rollo chain- made entirely of recycled silver, as always -that has 8 different charms for you to covet and collect, and link and un-link as you choose. The charms currently available are made with citrine, amethyst, white quartz, and purple sage quartz. All gems are ethically sourced, polished and cut through our lovely partner, Columbia Gem House.

The chain itself is $75, with the charms priced $25-40. This is the perfect gift for the green girl in your life who already has it all! She'll especially like that 10% of proceeds go to non-profit partners working to better the lives of impoverished mining communities in Sierra Leone, Africa. It doesn't get much more glamorous and giving as that!

Here are three more recently added Endless Color designs which are equally ethical and and gorgeous!

The Brooke Ring in 18k with amethyst

The Jamie Ring in 18k with kunzite

The Gretchen Earrings in 18k with amethyst

Happy Hump Day, fellow eco-chic jewelry lovers! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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