Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ring in the New Year with some COLOR!

Wow. Can you believe it's 2012? We made it and the world hasn't come to an end...yet anyway. And with the new year, we have some new designs for you to oggle from the Endless Color Collection, currently our most popular collection with styles that are constantly selling out. These styles were conjured after the JA Summer Show last year when we picked up some fun new raw gemstones from Brazil. Brazil is known for it's wide selection of naturally-occurring gems such as amethyst, rose quartz, and- a personal favorite -watermelon tourmaline.

 Seriously- what's not to like about the Tracy Necklace? With delicate slices of watermelon tourmaline wrapped in sterling silver, this colorful design reminds one of stained glass windows. Jazz-up any ensemble with this gorgeous opera-length chain hanging around your neck.

The Amber Necklace's name suits it quite well, don't you think? Various hues of golden beryl look like drops of actual tree sap encased in sterling silver. This piece will look especially lovely paired with a cream-colored sweater.

The Katherine Earrings are like dazzling drops of frosty blue rain that dangle carelessly from your earlobes. Feminine and simply just pretty, these earrings will do so much more than make you feel good about buying ethically-sourced jewelry.

Take "pretty in pink" to a whole new level with this breath-taking necklace and bracelet set of raw rose gold-adorned 14k gold. Each sold separately, but do you think it's even possible not to buy them together?

If you haven't visited our SoHo shop Glittering Conscience (which just turned a year old in December!), now's the time to take a trip to 96 West Houston St NYC and see these beauties in person. Remember, 10% of proceeds go to non-profit partners and all designs are made with ethically-sourced materials and recycled metals. Finally- jewelry even your conscience can feel good about!

Ruff&Cut and Glittering Conscience wish you a happy and sustainable new year!!!

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